Chisami shook her head. “Nope! No sleep!” She giggled and looked at the plate that Kozue slid over to her. She stared at it before —her face fell into the cake and she was out cold.

"Oh for the love of-" Why was he even surprised this happened. He was always dealing with her antics, even with her absence. He sat her up tapping her gently. "Come on- wake up" He took a napkin from the table to wipe the cake off her face and lifted her up, carrying her to her room.


Chisami nodded her head. “I want Kozunii-chan the most, though.” She smiled and looked over at the kitchen table. “So feed me!” Okay. So… She was weird when tired. Sorry, Koko.

Kozue narrowed his eyes at Chisami as he sat down at the kitchen table. “You’re being weird, have you not slept?” he asked her, raising an eye brow. He knew how she got when she was tired and she was definitely being a little loopy. Still, he cut her a slice of cake, sliding the plate over to her.


"Akihito?" Chisami’s ears perked and she smiled, nodding her head. "Mhm! I like Akihito-kun a lot for some reason! He likes glasses like me!" She giggled before hugging Kozue’s waist. "But I also like pretty blue eyes." The brunette glanced up at Kozue and gave him a gentle smile before putting all of her weight on him.

Kozue had dodged a bullet with that one, but he was glad she had seemed to fall for it, perking up for a bit. He heaved her forward, “Come on, don’t you want a slice of that cake? I came all the way here just for you.”


Chisami nodded her head and frowned before freezing momentarily. Akito. Akito? Who was that again? “Akito? Who’s… that?” She asked Kozue, turning to him. 

Kozue paused putting a finger up to make a rebbutal but something told him he shouldn’t. That Chisami obviously knew what happened to him, that he was gone. It was probably a way for her to cope, so he didn’t push it. Instead he went along with it. “Ah. I mean, Akihito? Don’t you watch that new show? Kyoukai no kanata?” 


Chisami held Kozue’s hand on her head and nuzzled it before shaking her head. “I’m not okay. I’m sad and lonely and want company and I want Kozunii-chan around especially.” She frowned and pulled him into her house. It was surprising he didn’t notice her now flat stomach after it was… bloated for a few months.

"I haven’t seen you in a long time, I tried calling a bunch of times but there was never any answer…" He told her, frowning a little back and following her into the hallway. He didn’t really want to ask but felt he should "…is this because of Akito?" 


Chisami didn’t mind the door bell being rung over and over again. Honestly, if he didn’t, she’d probably have fallen asleep. She was just so tired lately. When she answered the door, she tackle-hugged Kozue, giving him a biiiiig kiss on the cheek. “Kozunii-chaaan!” She nuzzled up. Okay. She. Was…. very sleepy.

"Ah, Chisami…Hi…" He was a little surprised by her affections, but he fondly patted her head in return. He held up the box that had the cake in it and handed it off to her "I haven’t seen you in a while, but you seem ok?" 


[text] Just a good nii-chan.

[text] <3

Kozue sighed, pulling the swiss roll cake out of his fridge and throwing his jacket. It didn’t take him long to walk to Chisami’s house, ringing her door bell impatiently until she answered it. 




Rolls around in bed.
[Text] Bring me cake, Kokonii-chan. Chi misses you.

[text] Making me bring it to you what am i your butler?

[text] be there in 10

qui--risibus asked: ""Joyeux Anniversaire, Kozue~!" She shows a small chocolate cake to him."



Oh right. It had been his birthday. He forgot his own birthday. Kozue had hit a new low. “Chocolate, huh? Of course you’d know my favorite.” he smiled at her before bending down to kiss the top of her head in thanks.

"I.." She was silent for a minute. "I, don’t want you to leave me also, bu—" The thought of him leaving her behind, brought tears down on her face. "Huh?" Realizing that something was on her face, Nori wiped it off. She doesn’t know why there were tears, but it wouldn’t stop. "Hehe..~ Je regrette." She tried to look away from Kozue from this embarrassing moment she’s having. Why is she crying? Perhaps she really wanted Kozue to stay, but she also wants him to follow his passion for the sport he loved.

Kozue paused again, tensing as he watched his girlfriend tear up in front of him. Never did he foresee himself having to make a choice like this. He didn’t think he’d end up having a girlfriend, at least maybe not one that he felt so strongly about. He’d had other relationships in the past but either it fizzled out or his feelings never seemed to pass that of a crush. “I could take the entrance exam for the university closer to here. They probably have soccer too…or should I go to Tokyo?”

Anonymous asked: "//slides a photo album of ur gurfriend"

Blinks “What….what is this for?”